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So you see here from a long time ago the courtesy of including some ones initials that did not one iota of this work or research into a 24N22P machine. According to their friends the flying experts that know nothing on RC line these ideas are from Mars so I named it as such. Nothing good is taught there on the exclusive sites but misery!

I also see the motor gods are still here. You see they share with them none of this international knowledge they LK intently at in the USA they just talk about Lehner and Scorpion. The "Strange American" made them come to me anyway after kicking me out. I know honestly in my heart the last thing you 2 want is some "BLACK" of African descent over there running his mouth contradicting the wind experts there. Just tell the truth at the end of they day. That's what this is all about. The systemic racism and your ideas that you are the superior minds in any room no matter who is in it with you. I wonder why you are here reading and looking if that is the case. I am the real fool here because I did not know who my real friends are. I had no business as a minority associating myself with anyone that believes in exclusive sites of learning based on nationality in the first place. These persons here aren't right to see their offenses with sweeping statements like that towards people and engineers of color. I am offended you are here at my pages but I cannot stop your viewing without blocking others. Jim would never care for this and you no longer have me as a friend with capable hands here in America. U know better than anyone what you've lost in me. We will die and you will never know again an honest friend like me in this life or the next. Clearly the motors can evolve but you 2 cannot develop a more inclusive view of the world technology and where it originates from.

Make sure you let them all know this most recent information licensed to me for you to look at and learn was done by African and South Korean engineers. The most recent Ferrofluid work you will look here for next was presented by the Chinese engineers. Go figure all these minority people with no "know how" as you say. Not even Dr. Gerling or Gurakuq believe in your stories, as they are all in the IEEE sharing and learning inclusively. You two are nothing but jive turkeys wasting the American modelers time with the fight. I'm sure neither of your companies u vouch for have a single dark skinned employee like me working or employed unless it is in some low paying job, but you here copying from them so u can try to make the hobby machines better. Since you don't give them the credit you'd give Dr Gerling for his work it is like stealing. Neither of you have presented a new thing in motor winding or repair that you have shown here in years. All you do is this...or talk to some guy about liquid cooling and carbon nanotubes that has not wound Cu traditionally on 12n14P.

He runs his mouth in emails to me about the social ills of America he knows nothing about, Throws me in his memes on your German forum pages trying to be funny and tries to copy my ideas HOWEVER he's struggled and thus still sent emails for my help got it and still cannot produce the winded motor .

Aloys Zimmermann, my German comrade is my suggested reference for anyone that seeks learning traditional windings without these two peoples political shenanigans. He's sent cases of NOMEX slot liners in different thicknesses here to me to wind the motors and has asked for zero in return. He does not make these offensive statements about the origins of genius though he is one. He shared his winds and machining knowledge with people freely and never engaged in the bad vibes. A really good senior I'd prefer to emulate. I wish I had a way to Germany to meet this man in his shop. I bet there's alot more to learn there. My estranged "brother" has made the choice to go out this way. Very smart but unwilling to grow socially in a way that would signify real Bruderschaft between us.

Congrats to LEHNER for his tangible motor work.

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"Diese Flugzeuge werden von Clowns entworfen, die von Affen beaufsichtigt warden....."

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