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Iíve been getting my sim time in the last few months usually averaging 15 mins per session. I learned basic FF and upright maneuvers many years ago.

I took a break from Helis and got back into them probably 10 years ago with hit or miss flying, nothing really consistent but since getting the sim Iíve been working on all orientations of inverted hovering, inverted flight, basically all orientations of inverted, now progressing into some decent inverted flight. Iím almost to the point where if I do ďdumb thumbĒ I can recover from it 99% of the time.

Where to go from inverted is my next step? Maybe itís time I actually took a couple of my helis out and got a feel for them before I start advancing more on the sim?

What maneuvers did you guys do as you gradually got better? Did you master one before trying another? Was it just transitions of flying? Trying to figure out whatís next in perspective of difficulty.
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