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It finally dawned om me that the 4651T is a receiver sans servo ports and not just a glorified antenna for the 6250HX. That begs the question if one can use another receiver that has telemetry sensors available?

AR637T is currently the only SRXL2-option that I can see; it has this in the description: "Additional telemetry devices such as voltage sensors can be connected to the volt port and XBus telemetry sensors can be connected through the XBus connector".

The question is if the AR637T can function as a serial/remote receiver for the FC6250HX? There's nothing in the 637T-manual about using it as a remote receiver. Not about voltage sensors either, so it might be that it can't handle a 12S-pack anyway. Not going to test on my 637Ts.

Worst case I can change to the Smart Avian 120A ESC. I heard some are happy with it flying smack on 700:s and a couple RAWs. I'm not directly pushing my Tribunus 200A judging by temperature. But I'll hold off from that route and see if Scorpion & Spektrum might solve the telemetry communications. It's definitely more of a "nice to have" rather than "need to have" – so far I'm coming down on 33% with timer, no issues. I'm swapping to Smart ESCs on my Gaui X3 and X5 though, so I might get a revelation.

Another route would be to ditch Spektrum and use VBar like every other heli pilot, but I think it's way overpriced.
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