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Originally Posted by flightengr View Post
For what it's worth, I've started building an NX FAQ in my blog at RCG.

Now we're waiting for Airware 3.05 to come out. It's expected to solve the problem where the trim settings are not importing from DX models. Don't know what else it might include.

Some people have been afraid to upgrade to 3.04, which I understand. There are some reports here and there about issues with it, but I have to believe that's a small number of people overall. Unfortunately, many of the reports are not specific enough to reproduce and then fix. I finally upgraded to 3.04 last week and so far I don't notice any new problems.
I’ve had my NX10 almost a month now, with a total system time of about 16 hours. It’s performed flawlessly on all my models, just like the DX9 it replaced. Ergonomics are so close to the 9 I don’t notice a difference with the NX in my hands even though the 10 is a little thicker.Liking the color screen that I’ve set to my liking. It’s very visible even in direct sunlight. Gimbals are super smooth after a little break in time. Since I only fly Heli’s the trim issue didn’t affect me. Still on firmware 3.03 for the same reasons, and will wait for 3.05 or maybe longer. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it lol. Altogether I’m glad I purchased the NX10, it’s a solid radio and definitely a upgrade from my DX9 BE.
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