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Agree, don't upgrade if you don't have to. I'm usually a little behind on updates to let the surprises shake out. I upgraded to 3.04 because I've run into a very specific issue a couple of times that 3.04 fixes. It has nothing to do with flight; the bug was that if you make changes to settings in the Function List menu and then immediately go to export the model to an SD card without going to the main model screen first, the changes you made are not in the export and they're also not saved in the model. I do that when I'm quickly building a model for someone else, and upgrading was easier than changing my habits.

I'm confident that when we get a couple more versions along with Airware, NX will be as solid as DX was. I keep mentioning that DX9 went through several Airware upgrades in the first six months, but that was over seven years ago. All people remember now is that DX9 has been a great radio for a long time.
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