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Assuming you can fly all inverted positions, tail first, nose first, etc., I think after that I went into moves centered around piro (hover, piro flips, basic circuits, piro funnels, etc.). Piro hover is a good exercise, but get to the point where you fly out and come back - intentionally. Progress to completing circuits and so on. Great big world out there for piro flying and movements. Can be tough to grasp at first a lot of it, but keep at it and parts of it will start to click little by little. Slow the sim down to around 50-60% to at least give you a shot at completing as it allows you to see where you are messing it up. Resolve and slowly bring the percentage back up. Move to the next item. Simplified, of course.
I can do a half or front prior but trying to tie them together seems hard for my brain. The timing on the flip is tough
Everyday I'm Hovering. .
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