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Default How to Determine current KV?

Is there a simple way to test a motor to get its KV? I recently received a Pyro 650-103 in a used Heli and on the bench my headspeed without blades was putting it closer to a 620kv rating based on a basic headspeed calculation. When I swapped in a Pyro 650-83 as a test, my headspeed increased drastically, close to the predicted headspeed calculation. This motor also looks as if maybe it was rewound as the windings look a little different compared to my other Pyro 650ís.

Is it also possible that the motor is damaged? Is there a roughly simple way of determining the health and KV without too much fancy equipment for a novice at motors?

I find fascination in rewindings and follow threads here but have not moved forward with learning how to and frankly a lot of it feels over my head.
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