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I got the HP Reverb G2 a couple of weeks back and itís definitely a game changer. New to VR, neXt worked out of the box, AccuRC is Steam driven - start steam then load in VR, Heli-X is still in V10beta and probably the one I most use. Try a VR multi session with eight other pilots :-)

I too upgraded to the HP Reverb G2. I had an Oculus Rift S. A huge difference. The Oculus Rift is functional but image quality is lacking. You really need to stay close to yourself. The same happens with the Reverb but you can go much further away from yourself. Up close there is no comparison. It definitely boosts the realism aspect of the simulation.

I have an RTX 2060 graphics card. To get full resolutions on the Reverb some overclocking was required. I suspect the 1070 would be similar. Even without the overclocking and running slightly lower resolutions the Reverb is noticeable better than the Oculus.

To me the VR has been game changing. My flying is improving. I find it very difficult to sim in 2d now.
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