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Open Stock Firmware;

Initialization and tests are completed in under 1/2 of a second and the 6250hx is ready to fly. The led will flash red/green/blue indicating initialization is complete (only the led indication was mentioned in the manual). After that the led will then flash green (receiving channel data from the tx) or red flash (fail safe aka no channel data from the tx).

Quite a few servos are not up and running that quickly so the swash jump lead to some inconsistent movements or no movements in a lot of cases so the swash jump was removed.

Removing the swash jump does help to speed up initialization a little and avoids any collective jumps if your power system/bec should brownout in flight.

RTF/BNF Firmware will be a mix for now, as new firmware updates are released the swash jump will go away but since it works fine in these cases its not worth releasing new updated firmware to remove the swash jump by itself.

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