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NX certainly wasn't going for fancy looks. It's a plain and simple design, but I think it works.

Something else that may contribute to this perception is the weight, or lack thereof. The NX series is a little lighter than a DX9. The NX10 comes with a bigger battery, and that makes the weight pretty comparable to a DX9 (within an ounce).

Otherwise, I think the ergonomics of NX are fine, the switches are the same as DX9 and other Spektrum TX's, and the gimbals are very similar to DX9.

The technical advancements over DX are where the money is at - newer CPU, more internal storage, USB-accessible storage inside (not totally dependent on SD cards), color screen, bigger screen, adjustable antenna, and USB game controller support for simulators are all new features. The DX series literally ran out of computing power to support all of the new features on the receiver side, making it necessary to upgrade the platform.
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