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Default Upgrading X10S ACCST to ACCESS using ISRM module

Originally Posted by Hydros27 View Post
Aloft recently added the upgrade module to their website.

Ah cool! Decent price too.

Originally Posted by AtTheCross View Post
you gonna try ETHOS now?

Not now, but in the future Iíll consider into it. I want to let it mature, meaning let everyone else work out the bugs. Also itíll have to work with the Brain2 OpenTX integration script for me to switch. No idea if that will be the case.

Originally Posted by Helique View Post
Great job and thanks for keeping us informed!

One question: On the Aloft website it states ďIt will require an additional antenna for the X10 radios, do not use it with out an antenna attached to each of the 3 antenna locations.Ē

You didnít mention having to add an antenna so Iím assuming this is specifically for the X10 and not the X10S?


I had 3 antennas already on my X10S. I know that the older X12 only has 2, so maybe they actually meant the X12. Iíd be surprised if the X10 and X10S differed in antenna.

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