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is one trex 600 cf (with flybar).
I mounted and i have set 30 helicopter.
I know very well how a model flies.
In 30 helicopter this problem it never happened to me or to other pilots.
The models flies perfectly only one flaw it has.
If i use trim left stick, the trim moves the servants in the opposite direction.
I have a doubt.
If a person perform the calibration of the radio, left stick only.
The calibration is done in reverse.
Are the trims calibrated in reverse?
Or the stick have one direction and the trim have other direction?

yes all the servants move as you described yours.

No i don't use a model flybarless i use one model with flybar.

The problem starts from the radio, the model and the servo they just do that is what the radio says.

In monitor all radios I have tried have the trims following the direction of the stick
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