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Default DS24 finish chipping


Just putting it out there. Is anyone having issues with the colour finish chipping? Iíve had my radio for about 2 years. The fist of the two years I maybe flew 4 times and last year due to COVID didnít fly for 7 months. Radio live innit case and is also left in there when I set up a model. At the field it comes out for the flight then goes back in case. I have many chips all over the radio and some in places where there is no explanation as to why there would be a chip. I have written to Jeti asking what can be done to fix this problem as it seems to me quite bad for this to happen to a radio of this value.

I asked if they would consider sending out an un painted empty chassis where I will then have it powder coated and then swap my parts in.

I will update when I get an answer.


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