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The stabilization (AS3X and SAFE) is configured within the receiver and then the receiver handles it.

Fundamentally, all of the new Spektrum receivers work the same way as the old ones with AS3X do, where there's a configuration stored in the receiver and the receiver does the work itself. The AR636 is a great example of that concept. The big difference is how you configure them. The AR636 used a USB cable and PC software. The new ones use "Forward Programming", which means that screens on your transmitter allow you to access the configuration. However, for the receiver programming, the transmitter is just a screen and a keyboard if you will - nothing about the receiver's configuration is being stored in the transmitter. When you first set up the receiver, the transmitter can give the receiver some basics about servo direction and travel, and wing/tail type, but that's just a one-time copy into the receiver's configuration.

Bottom line, setting up the receiver using an iX12 and then using a different transmitter after that should work fine. I'd make sure the TX settings I just mentioned (servo setup, wing/tail type) match what was in the iX12. The switch for changing receiver flight modes just sends over +100%, 0%, or -100% on a designated channel in the setup.

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