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The lithium battery seemed like an afterthought in the design of the DX6G2/DX7G2/DX8G2 case. They originally intended it to run on AA batteries to lower the up-front cost of the DX6G2. Then they came up with a rechargeable battery that was included with 7 and 8, but the entire thing including the charger went into the AA battery compartment. That's why there was no charge indicator on the front of the radio.

NX did fix that. Not only did they add a light on the front (it's a separate light, not the Spektrum logo/RF light), but they also made it compatible with typical USB charging.

Gimbal feel is something that's going to be personal preference. I never used one of those newer 6/7/8 radios, so I can't compare one of those to DX9 or NX10. I can say that I think NX10 feels very, very similar to my DX9.
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