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Default Skookum SK 720 Flybarless System

Hi all ... I stopped flying helis around 11 years ago ... back on the day ... I used to fly all sort of helis (Trex 500, 600, 700, etc).

I was ok on basic 3D.

I quit helis when fiberless systems were just getting popular ... and never really flown any FBL.

After years flying drones I've decided to give helis another go.

I found a 2nd hand Trex 550E for sale. I'm ok with most of the specs but it comes with a Skookum SK 720 Flybarless System.

As I said I never flown FBL ... so my question is ... is SK720 a good FBL? I will have to learn everything again but my aim is to get into light 3D flying.

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