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Originally Posted by getsuyoubi View Post
I know this is not a heli question, but maybe someone here can help me out.
I'm wondering whether the AR631 receiver with AS3X and SAFE in the E-flite T-28 would work with my JR X9303 DSMX radio. I understand that I won't have telemetry, of course, but does the stabilization and SAFE mode work? A friend of mine already offered to use his iX12 radio's forward-programming feature to set up the unit. Once I then bind to my JR radio, am I good to go?

Keep in mind that the Rx holds all of the AS3X/SAFE data. Thus, if you take an Rx out of one model and put it into another. It must be reprogrammed for the new model. IE: removing it from a fixed wing "nose" gear to a fixed wing tail dragger....etc.
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