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Originally Posted by Vinger View Post
Mode 4 is the governor for helicopters.

There is a difference to the older ESC models and the later ones, but these are all in the manual for the specific ESC model. For example the HJive has mode 5 and mode 6.

On the earlier Kosmik firmware it was the same mode 4 for heli governor, but the later firmware change it so that gov store can only be added via K-Config.

So one needs to check model AND firmware for what can be programmed via sticks.
As far as I remember Gov store always had to be added with a progdisk on the Kosmik there was no mode 5 like the helijive.

All of the current product line up operate in the same way. You program mode 4 and then have to use either a progdisk or progunit to add gov store.
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