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Default DX9 No Voltage Warning from ESC Telemetry

Hi everyone,

I've got an annoying little problem that I could use some help with please. My DX9 will not give low voltage alarms from ESC telemetry data.

Here's my setup:

A DX9 transmitter receiving telemetry from an AR8010T receiver.

The AR8010T gets data via an X-Bus connection from a Castle Edge ESC.

One of the DX9's telemetry screens displays the ESC data just fine. Note: For this picture the motor isn't running and internal BEC data isn't reported because it's not being used:

Here is the setup screen for this telemetry entry:

Notice how I have the "Volts Min" warning alarm enabled with voice/vibe for every 10 seconds. Unfortunately I never get any warning when the voltage drops at or below the "Volts Min" setting. If I enable status reporting, that works perfectly fine. But I don't want status reports, I only want to know when the voltage has reached the "Volts Min" setting.

My problem sounds identical to the one mentioned in this thread back in 2017:

DX8Gen2 Telemetry low voltage voice warning

I've spent hours searching forums and experimenting with various settings to try and find a solution but having no luck. At this point I'm under the impression it's a long standing firmware bug that's never been cleared up.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd sure appreciate it.


John L.
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