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I did a similar jump from a 200SRX to a 360CFX. It does feel like a huge step.

I would recommend to first feel comfortable with the 230S and keep the 360 in a shelf for now. You already have it, so you can now fly it whenever. Crash the 230S a few times, learn the basics of how to rebuild and setup. And very important learn how to "reset" yourself. That is, learn how to go back to a comfortable position (usually tail-in upright) from almost any situation. And also make sure you learn that while on Idle Up 2, full headspeed and unlocked 3D agility.

Then go and fly the 360 in Idle Up 1. Ignore Normal mode. This should give you low headspeed so you can get started to get used to it.

Also I cannot stress enough to use a computer simulation software to keep practicing and advancing. There are a few methods that use the sim as their tool, I recommend to go through those.

I think with this approach you should be feeling comfortable with the 360 in a short time and then shortly after move it up to full headspeed and agility, even if still flying upright sport.

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