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Default New Futaba radio 2021. Will the 18sz be replaced?

Originally Posted by Superduke1290r View Post
Thanks, good advice. I actualy have cgy760. I have so many FASST receivers and as I understand the 16iz is not compatible? So the 18sz and 16sz dont do wireless programming? Then perhaps updated 18sz will come soon...

The 16IZ is compatible with all 2.4 GHz FASSTest/FASST/T-FHSS/S-FHSS System receivers... and it has 18 channels as well. RCGroups has a forum for the 16IZ with more details as well. For example the LCD screen on the new 16IZ is brighter than the older 16/18 SZ series and easier to read in direct sunlight. The gimbals are the same as the 16sz/14SG. Futaba targeted the 16IZ as a mid level radio with unique and full integration with CGY760. Wireless programming a.k.a. “Integration” is only possible on the 16IZ and 32MZ with only with the CGY760.
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