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Default Head Speed & THR % relation

I have 3020-1000kV Scorpion and HW60A ESC. Pinion is stock 19T. I have my head speed set up comfortably so I can do some 3D maneuvers but nothing crazy. The throttle channel is at 58%. Should I put smaller pinion and increase the throttle % to achieve the same head speed?
I am asking because it seems the HW governor doesn't work properly. I tried both, StoGov and ElfGov. The head speed is always decreasing towards the battery end. So I don't get it. Once in governor mode, the RPM should remain the same and shouldn't matter on thr. % (once obove 50% let's say) and until the battery is cut off. It looks to me that the governor feature is not implemented properly, from technical point of view speaking.
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