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Default HW Gov works

The Hobbywing Store and ELF gov. work properly.

When setup properly, the throttle percentage should give an RPM that is very close to the fraction of the max headspeed. This is simply checked by the following:

[Motor Kv] x [Pack Voltage] x [Throttle Percent] x [Pinion Teeth] / [Main Gear Teeth]

For your motor that works out to :
1000 Kv x 22.2 V x 0.58 x 19T / 110T = 2,220 RPM

This is pretty slow of an RPM for the Oxy 4 Max. Do you know what Headspeed RPM you are running?

If you have any ESC telemetry it would be very helpful to look at: RPM and Throttle Out.
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