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Yeah, the graphics market is really bad right now.

I’m currently using a GTX1070 with a Samsung Odyssey+. I’m getting good frame rates / latency with SteamVR set to 150% resolution per eye (1764x2212 px) and 90 FPS.

In AccuRC I have everything maxed out for detail and so on...

That said, at the end of the day, the visuals are disappointing. It’s not photorealistic rendering in 3d, and a fair amount of screen-door affect on the edges on paint details of models. My 4K 32” monitor looks pretty great in comparison. I’m not sure why the visuals aren’t better.

But... VR is still a great way to sim. For me, it has a more realistic feel to it overall. (I think if you’re using any of the auto zoom /tracking functions this is the case) It’s something to do with how the Heli moves relative to you in the virtual space. For my small mind it changes how the Heli acts and is closer to the real world.

My setup will have to do for now, it’s working out and going to a higher resolution headset probably would need a new graphics card...

I haven’t tried a really big display (much bigger than 32”) but some are really happy with a +70” TV. So VR may not be the only option.
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