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I have heard that the processor can often be the bottleneck. I believe your GPU renders the image once and then the CPU renders it again. I have an overclocked RTX 2060. Even running at 200% resolution in steamVR, I am only using 60-70% of my GPU. When I was running at 150% before it was sitting down around 50%. I imagine the 1060 and the Rayzen 5 will be good enough.

Side note, I picked up my GPU in December of 2020. Definitely overpaid for it. Very frustrating what's going on with the price of GPU's. Not sure if its demand from people being at home more and wanting to build new PC's for video games or if people are buying them up to mine bitcoin and such. I have heard that Nvidia is going to lock their gaming cards such that they can not be used for mining, may help prices a little. Maybe one day I can upgrade my rig to a 3000 series, not holding my breath though.
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