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Prices are still going up, there is a shortage of chips, Nvidia are saying they expect to be short on production output for most of this year, and the increase of crypto value has seen greater demand for mining use, only the 3060 is crypto locked. I suspect people being stuck at home has also led to them upgrading PCs for games as they can't travel or other activities

Here in Australia, top end Nvidia 3xxx cards are going for 3x previous retail price. A used GTX 1060 6Gb goes for about AU$350-400 (US$275-315), and a used GTX 1070 8GB is about AU$475-525 (US$370-410), that is way over the retail price of a year ago. A few can be had cheaper if you find a bargain but it is a lot of searching the ads and listings, anything good value goes instantly. I paid the extra and went with the used 1070 as prices may go up even more and I just want to get one that is know to be ok'ish and stick with it until the madness subsides.

If you look at completed listings on ebay for a given model, you can see the price has risen steadily over the last 3-4 months, so take confort in that whatever you paid in Dec was cheaper than what you would pay now.
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