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I am running a RTX 2060. My first VR setup used Oculus Rift S Googles (12801440 per eye). I was able to run at 90 frames per second and 150% resolution in steam using Accu RC. It ran fine. Not sure what the GPU usage was as I never needed to check it. Although it was quite usable, I found the resolution somewhat lacking. I upgraded to the HP Reverb G2 (2160 x 2160 per eye) after a recommendation from a friend. To get it to run at 100% resolution at near 90 frames per second I had to overclock the card. Without overclocking I had to set the resolution at about 80%. HP documents the 2060 being able to run at half resolution and documents the 2060 Super as minimum spec for the Reverb googles. Overclocked the 2060 runs pretty consistently at about 90% GPU when simming with Accu RC. The difference between the Oculus and the Reverb is night and day, but it does need a pretty hefty graphics card. I would like to upgrade the 2060, but getting one this year seems like an impossibility right now.
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