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Hi, The Reverb is a Windows Mixed Reality headset, similar to my Samsung Odyssey+.

As a result there are bunch of hoops to jump through to make it work:

You’ll need to get two apps from the Steam store:

1) SteamVR
2) Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR (Mixed Reality Portal?)

I found a link on HP’s site, that might help:

After that you’ll need to do the setup, the Windows Mixed Reality stuff adds a couple of steps. I’m a little bit rusty on what all it entailed, but those two above things where the starting points.

When I launch AccuRC, I have a list of 6 options:
1) Play AccuRC
2) Play AccuRC (OpenGL)
5) Launch AccuRC in Oculus VR Mode (not this one)
6) Launch AccuRC in Steam VR Mode (Used this one!)
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