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Originally Posted by arnika View Post
After the flight the battery is around 20V, I drain it down to the bottom.[IMG class=inlineimg][/IMG]
No problem with re-charging the battery since the 3V is the minimum voltage per cell, I am still above that and settings on HW let you adjust to 18V soft cut off, means 3V per cell.

I am using HRB batteries and SkyRC D400 charger
Looking at the table, I will re-adjust my alarm warning to 22V to stay around 15% capacity at the end. Thanks for the info.
3.0 Volts after a flight is Way-Way-Way to low. Did I say it was too low? It’s tooooo low. After a flight it should be at no lower than 3.7V.

Under load the minimum voltage per cell is usually 3.2 to 3.3 volt.

From RCG:

Originally Posted by slipstick View Post
What voltage you're looking for depends entirely on WHEN you're measuring the voltage :

The battery voltage drops when power is being taken out of it. 3V (or 3.2V or maybe 3.3V) is the minimum voltage the battery should ever see UNDER LOAD to avoid damage. I.e. when it's actually running the motor at full power. But you'll actually only know this voltage if you have some telemetry or similar in the plane.

When the load comes off, the battery voltage bounces back up. So 3.7V (or 3.8V or sometimes 3.9V) is the voltage OFF LOAD. I.e. what you should see AFTER a flight when you check the battery. That's considered a safe voltage off load to ensure that the battery never went as too low when it was under load.


You’ve probably already done irreversible damage to your batteries.

Please read:
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