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I have been mostly comparing the open fields to find my worst case scenario for resolution at distance. Of the open areas I think the Global 3D field provides good enough clarity to fly large circuits with the Trex 450 heli and not lose orientation. I don't know if its the lighting on that field or what but to my eyes it just seems better than say runway when flying at distance. I am not saying the others are bad, infact I have been surprised, how well these headsets are performing, better than I imagined.

The helis do pop out more on Stongehenge, close in they are almost more real than real. I am certainly going to use that scenery more. One thing I have noticed is that helis don't seem as slippery through the air in Stonehenge as in the open fields. This might be a perception thing by having the big rocks close to the heli as a frame of reference for speed.
Could be my imagination too.

As an aside, I must have rode passed those megaliths literally hundreds of times on my motorcycles. I never stopped to take a look at the Henge.
Then one year a farmer built a Stonehenge copy from giant hay bales on the opposite side of the A303. I immediately stopped for a good look at that. 25 years later I can vividly remember the hale bales but have no recollection of what the Henge looked like.

Long answer, I know.

Ylvis - Stonehenge [Official music video HD] [Explicit lyrics] (3 min 56 sec)
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