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Originally Posted by aussiercnovice View Post
Hi everyone,

I am hoping someone can help shed some light on an issue I am having with Phoenix RC.

I have tried installing Phoenix RC 5.5 from the 'rc-thoughts . com' website, following the guide. I can install the software, apply the updates, configure the transmitter. but no matter what I have tried no models will load. I can select and change the flying sites, zoom in and out with the mouse scroll wheel, can pan the camera around holding the right mouse button. I change settings and add landing sites etc. I can select all different models from the model list. I can even modify the models. but none of them will load in and it is completely confusing me.

I have tried on a Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit system. windows 7 Pro system and a windows 10 home system and the result is all the same. I feel like I am missing something simple but I feel like I've looked everywhere to find a solution and keep coming up short.

Someone please help me! lol.

Thanks in advance,
Do you know if DirectX has been updated?
I think it comes on the DVD but needed updating.
It seems like Phoenix gives the prompt to update that.

Also in C:\Program Files (x86)\ PhoenixRC\recourses\objects\aircraft

That is where Phoenix stores all of its models. All of the choices you have in your model menu in the sim are listed there with the models inside the different choices.

Also you can try a different download site as well try version 5.5 without updating it first.
I would almost bet that there is some needed helper program missing.

Check out this thread at RCGroups
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