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Default New Problem.....High KV

Hey Fellas,

I started over with this motor. I coated the stator with thinned JB weld, rewound the stator and proof tested each of the windings as I went. Varnished and terminated the windings in a delta config. Now when testing with my electric drill the motor is operating correctly & I am able to get stable frequency for KV verification.

My math is telling me the rewound motor KV is 1985. The original motor KV with 7 turns of multi stranded wire was 880. Now I am stumped. I was under the understanding that Multi Stranded turns count the same as solid wire. It should have been very close to the same KV value.
DLRK wind Delta Termination

Thoughts before I rewind this motor...AGAIN!

Math Used:

RPM = (120 X Frequency) / # Motor Poles
2453 = (120 X 204.4) / 10

KV = RPM / (V X 1.3433)
1985 = 2453 / (.92 X 1.3433)

Motor Specs:

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