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Originally Posted by PassinThru View Post
I'm not clear on how I'd use a servo tester to do the throttle range calibration. Can you refer me to a link?

You simply use the servo tester to create the high and low pwm signal for the ESC needed for the throttle range calibration (instead of using TX,RX, Flight Controller):
  • blades off
  • motor connected to ESC
  • connect ESC to the servo tester
  • turn servo tester to the right (high output)
  • power ESC with lipo
  • wait for beeps
  • turn servo tester to low
  • wait for beeps
  • disconnect lipo
as described in the HW paper named Platinum80A-120A-V4en.pdf.

Your servo tester might cover a range larger than the intended [1000;2000]us; then the ESC may not arm properly when connected to the RX. If so, then repeat but use only partial range of servo tester.

I presume you do not have a pwm meter (to measure the signal values used for communication between RX, servos, ESC etc.)
a) some multimeters also allow frequency and % measurements

b) Maybe your FC is capable to display its input values on the PC setup program? Then you could connect the FC to your servo tester and find the endpoints to cover just the [1000;2000] range. Mark those and the centerpoint 1500 on your servotester, you will need that for future setups

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