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Default OS 50 Hyper won't start

Hi Guys,

I have an OS 50 that used to run great. I mothballed it for about 2 years. Pulled it out recently, mounted it in a frame to just make sure it still good before I decide to use it but its having some issues starting. It almost fires up but then stops and there is a ton of fuel pouring from the carb. There is also a hissing noise when I remove the starter. I have to pinch the fuel off to get something to happen. It floods and hydro locks and I have to clear it and then the cycle start all over again. I'm thinking some O rings maybe dried out in the carb and something is stuck open. There should not be any fuel pouring out of the carb throat. Any suggestions? Should I pull the carb apart? Never done it so it would be a first for me.

I'm 100% sure its getting way too much fuel. Thats why it won't start.
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