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The Goblin 570 had that same style of quick-connect. And its canopy was also hard to line up and get the two sides of the quick connect to mate.
On almost every flight, one side or the other would disconnect and the canopy would flop around on that side. I never had both sides disconnect at the same time. It worried me enough, and I lost one of the RC Booya connectors off the canopy (in -flight) that I changed from the SAB / RC Booya quick-connects to the screw-on canopy mounts.

That changed the whole experience of getting ready to fly or having to worry about the rotor eating the canopy.

On my two 570, the lining up the canopy's grommet with the cone-shaped frame-mount is much easier and getting the mounting-screw started is a non-issue.

As I turn the screw down, the canopy lines up on the cone-shaped shoulder and the I'm done. The canopy grommets provide enough friction to the screw that it doesn't loosen up in flight.

Maybe you want to take a look at them for your Kraken 700.
SAB Goblin Aluminum Canopy Positioner Set SABH0217-S
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