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Default Just Tried VR - Graphics Were Bad

Just had the opportunity to try AccuRC in VR mode on my son's PC.

His PC is much more powerful than mine with a 2080Ti and CPU to match.

His VR headset is an Occulus Rift (the original Rift, not a Rift S).

We tried in both Occulus VR mode and Steam VR mode. Graphically they were the same though the sound only worked in Steam VR mode (but that would probably just need some tweaking).

The immersion experience is fantastic, so much more like real flying down at the field, but the graphics were poor with a 45 degree equal stripe everywhere. Not so noticeable on the scenery but really so on the helicopter. The helicopter is usable close up but as soon as it moves away it quickly becomes difficult to discern.

To give an example, I was flying the Mikado Logo 550SX and the orange part of the canopy looks like it is diagonally striped orange and blue.

Is this normal?

Anyone else see this sort of thing?

Anyone know any tweaks or fixes?

I so much want this to work, the immersion is fantastic, but I couldn't live with those graphics.


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