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Originally Posted by vvv850 View Post
One thing that could help is to use some silicone grease on the insides of the canopy. A thin layer applied with a napkin is enough.

I use this method on all my helis and helps a lot with battery cables, esc cables and frame touching the canopy.
This is genius, obviously the answer is always more lube!!😂 Put a thin coat on the inside where the ESC tray touches the canopy and it went right on without too much struggle. Thanks man!

Just got done with the maiden flights, super smooth and locked in. Actually way easier to fly than in the sim didn't really drift around at all. Only thing I noticed was hover seemed quite a bit higher on the stick than expected, almost 3/4ths at 1800rpm. (Liner pitch and gov throttle) I spent a good amount of time getting the swash level and as close to 0 degrees at mid sick as I could. Maybe my pitch range is low (+- 11.3) or it's the beginner mode bank in the ikon reducing throws?

Anyway did 4.5 min and came down at 3.95 volts, could probably run 8min with basic hovering.

Edit: After checking logs I was actually at 1600 headspeed, forgot about that, wanted to try it out. Probably why hover felt higher on the sticks than at 1800 I was practicing on in the sim! Vibration all looks good, under 10% throughout the flight.
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