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Originally Posted by JimJW View Post
The original Rift has a per eye resolution of: 1080x1200
The Samsung Odyssey + is: 1440x1600
The new HP Reverb G2 is: 2160x2160

I haven’t compared any of them for graphics quality, only my experience with the Odyssey+. The graphics are lacking. I’m not sure the root cause of the problem.

It sounds like the Rift doesn’t have the resolution to fly further away than you’re use to. I don’t fly the Logo, but I fly a SAB K580 in AccuRC in the Gymnasium. At the distances within the gym, the Heli is clear enough to fly. Anything but in your face results in horrible aliasing like artifacts on the fuselage artwork and the floor...

There’s another user who just got the Reverb G2. It sounds like a step in the right direction, but the graphics quality is still not all the way there.

But, after getting over the resolution shortfall, and growing up with 8bit graphics in games, I’ve surrendered to the lack of quality in display and am very happy with the rest of the experience. VR flying has a realism that’s hard to explain, but seems to capture the real world better than a monitor or large TV.
My son suggested this might be the case. I have to admit, that although I am very technical, I design large and complex information systems for a living, I don’t really understand how VR optics work.

For example, 1080x1200 is clearly lower resolution than the others but it can’t just be that because 1080x1200 is still a pretty high resolution, higher than many laptops you can buy so I don’t really understand why that resolution cannot present a sharp image. There must be something else to it in my opinion.

But I think that is the end of the experiment for me. Even at 300 for a Quest 2 I was questioning whether the expense was justifiable so I certainly couldn’t consider a 600 Vibe.

Besides, my graphics card possibly couldn’t handle the demands of the higher resolution and refresh rates.

Just to double check what I am seeing is normal.

Imagine you have a picket fence, the slats are a lot thinner but the width of the slats and the gaps are the same. And rather than the slats being vertical they are slanted at 45 degrees. Now if you were to paint a picture on that fence you could stand back and see the whole picture and understand what it was. But if you looked more closely you would be able to see that it was actually slats and gaps and if you were able to move the fence around, rotate it, etc. how you see the whole picture effect would start would start breaking up. That’s what I’m seeing with the helicopter in VR. The background scenery also has the slats but as that moves around less it isn’t have as bad.

But I agree 100%, the immersion was fantastic, like you are flying for real, so it is a utter shame that the graphics are just so poor for me.

Here’s a question though - why when I play VR games like Elite Dangerous and IL-2 do I not see this problem.


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