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Originally Posted by nheather View Post
For example, 1080x1200 is clearly lower resolution than the others but it canít just be that because 1080x1200 is still a pretty high resolution, higher than many laptops you can buy so I donít really understand why that resolution cannot present a sharp image. There must be something else to it in my opinion.
It can present a sharp image but not 2" away from your eye. if you can see your laptop screen at that distance and not have it be a big blur, you would start to see a screen door effect there too. Also, its split in half between the two eyes so its not 1080x1200 its more like 540x600 per eye (there is only one screen in there).

I might dive in if they have two 8k screens in them some day and are big enough to let me wear my regular glasses inside.
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