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When I upgraded from Samsung Odyssey to HP Reverb2 there was a noticeable improvement to me. Before, the screen door effect was painfully prevalent and I would never forget it's presence. Now there is no more screen door effect, text is crisper to read and overall a much more enjoyable experience.
I have only tried the Reverb G2 so I don't have anything to compare it too.
I picked the G2 because every racing sim review I watched said that currently the G2 was the headset to get as far as resolution was concerned.

Resolution at distance was the limitation that had made me hold off investing in VR until now.
My experience with the G2 is that detail close in is great. Resolution at distance deteriorates the further the heli travels from you.
However in AccuRC the detail is sufficient that I don't lose orientation of the heli really any quicker than I do when flying large circuits in 2D.

Overall the G2 provides a significant improvement to my experience with AccuRC. Its at least as good as I expected. But I do think it's something that has to be experienced to get.

If I was Nigel I would wait for reviews on the new HTC Vibe Pro. They should start rolling out in the next few weeks.
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