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Originally Posted by xcell1600 View Post
...Since switching to Jeti I have not had a problem. I just finished a Diabolo 700 and wanted to learn if anyone is using Jeti's 900 Mhz receiver as a backup? If so how did you mount the antenna?


i do not (!) want to put in question your decision, really just curious: why do you want to use the 900Mhz backup? anything related to your special air field as you mentioned? did you have any problems with signal quality on Jeti?

i am using i.e. Rex3 on Diabolo and never any signal problem even when doing speed runs (they go a bit farther away than normal flying). but i've used the 20cm antennas and mounted them to be 45 backwards on each side on the frame (rear upper frame end, directly below canopy) - so really perfectly visible. never seen Q below 100%, A1/2 below 5 (every ~5th flight, rest never below 6). btw: first i was thinking about 900NG backup too...

before Jeti (with Spektrum) i have used a full Rx plus a sat... the Rx was on the back plate with antenna pointing 45 backwards above tail tube, the sat was positioned on the front landing bow mount, antenna pointing downwards in front of the bow... this was the best position (from what i've tested) to give minimum of fades.

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