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Originally Posted by Rabid121 View Post

i do not (!) want to put in question your decision, really just curious: why do you want to use the 900Mhz backup? anything related to your special air field as you mentioned? did you have any problems with signal quality on Jeti?
Originally Posted by xcell1600 View Post
Last year I switched from Vbar to Jeti. The primary reason is my flying field has a cell tower right across the street. I and others who use different hardware have had interference problems and lost aircraft (including myself).

Since switching to Jeti I have not had a problem. I just finished a Diabolo 700 and wanted to learn if anyone is using Jeti's 900 Mhz receiver as a backup?
I think the OP’s field is close to a cell tower & it has caused problems for another radio system.

It sounds like he’s been free of issues (as might be expected) after switching to Jeti.

And it sounds like he’s finishing up a Diabolo build. For me I’d be thrilled and want to protect my new prize possession from harm any way possible!

But fears remain strong from the old radio system. I suspect if he’s coming from another brand that pushes using multiple satellites as a safety net, the OP may still be in that method of thinking. Because Jeti makes it so easy, there’s no harm in adding a second receiver on 900 MHz or 2.4Ghz. Except for the cost of the equipment and the extra weight on the helicopter.

I’ve never heard of anyone actually using a second receiver on a Heli. Good to know it’s easily done.
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