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Originally Posted by Xrayted View Post
So just to confirm, you are using flat TC values for each of your flight modes and desired RPM values on the HW governor after doing the calibration/standardization with a linear 0-100. Yes, though standardization is done with 50% throttle and zero pitch. Also, did you do the standardization with a fully charge pack? Yes. That is one mistake that will get you lower than expected RPM. You do need to unplug the pack and reboot the system after the process before trying to fly. Yes. I redid that process with no change.

I just connected one of my models up out of curiosity, and it shows 12% throttle in the Diag tab with TH on. I have the 12% value for TH set into my TX on purpose as that is needed for the auto rotation function to operate properly, so in my case the Diag tab is showing exactly whatever is active in my TC curve values. The values shown with TH turned off are exactly the same flat values I have set in for my three flight modes. That is my experience also. The numerical values do correspond. It's just that the throttle bars in both the Diagnostic tab and in the Receiver Channel Mapping page do not move when applying TC/TH (one switch in my setup).

I also always set up throttle cut on all my models as a secondary arming switch just in case TH were to be accidentally hit, and the Spirit software shows -15% throttle when activating TC. I agree that's a good belt and suspenders way of preventing unintended spoolups. I am considering a similar setup for my helis as well, though I've never accidentally flipped the TC switch off while powered up (knocking on birch) I have an alarm when powering on set in if both TC and TH are not active, so Im always starting with below zero throttle values with both switches on

I tested again with the TC turned off and TH on, and it booted and started the motor just fine with the 12% throttle value no differently than normal with which was unexpected, however I noticed the low throttle setting in the Spirit gov page is set to 1040, not 1100, so it appears the lower Spirit value is canceling out the higher value in my TX so the ESC will arm? With your TH throttle setting at 12% and TC (with a -15% throttle setting) turned off, why would you not expect your ESC to arm? Its been a few years since I set this one up and dont recall exactly the logic behind all of the specific settings back then, but it works fine.

At least you know your wiring isnt the issue or you wouldn't see the throttle tab moving ever
That's what I am also assuming.

This is my first Spirit 2.

I am also using a microSpirit, a Spirit Pro and a Spirit on other helis with the same TX, with no issues.
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