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Default Field Update

Things are really starting to come together now that we're less than a month away. The main runway where most of the activities will be taking place is being resealed this week. It'll be smooth like Tennessee whiskey for the Fun Fly. We're also looking at bringing in a big tractor with a brush hog to really clear out the weeds in the RV parking areas and other areas. The light towers will be delivered on the 10th.

Some things to know:
1). No open fires allowed due to the fire danger. No fireworks, no firearms.
2). Dry camping is allowed. Porta-potties and handwash stations are provided. Pick up your trash, dumpsters are provided.
3). We do have rattlesnakes, ticks, and ground squirrels. Watch where you step.
4). Pilots Briefings will be held on Saturday and Sunday morning.
5). Be aware that the freeway is CLOSER than you think.
6). Alcohol and other recreational drugs and RC helis aren't compatible. If you're suspected of being under the influence you'll be pulled from the flight line.
7). All pilots must have a Spotter. Spotters: know what you're responsibilities are.
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