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Originally Posted by Damn_encode View Post
Thanks 1BOHO,

What is the method that you use to calculate KV and I can give that a shot and compare?
Take a source with a known speed like a drill and measure the Voltage rms with your digital multimeter then multiply this number by the square root of 2 then divide this number by the known source rpm. That will be a fairly accurate measure. The test wire run test can have some minor error because each persons controller or settings may be different and that can change the terminal speed. The bemf voltage on the other hand should be wind consistent based solely on a known rpm like a drill.

Sorry for the late responses. My son and I've been playing with our Volvos lately. Were building the single cam 8 valve "family cars" with more power than a gran Turismo Maserati ever had.....

The 8 valve family car that cannot handle corners according to the experts ruled the world touring car championship 5 years in a row. You may wonder where was Bavarian Motor Works and all the others high end sports cars in this class... 2nd place that's where. We do more than sit behind pc's running our mouths all day with no real action like Anakin and Kunzke do. We multitask not make excuses! They need sleep and have to cater to way they can keep up with me.

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