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Oh that's a nice card. You're super lucky to get a 3080.

VR really is a game changer. When I first got VR I said I would not sim in 2d, but VR has actually given me a new appreciation of the sim in general. About one in every 4 times I fire up the sim I fly 2D. Its just easier.

Some thing I have not seen anyone else mention is the speed at which the helis seem to move in VR. It's also something I find hard to describe or quantify.

The helis seem to slip through the air and there is a better portrayal of speed than in 2D. I am not a good pilot and I find that the helis "get away on me" in VR much more, like they do in real life. I even get a shaky feeling like I do in real life when trying to control the heli.

I am sure this is partly down to the change in view. One criticism I have of AccuRC is that none of the camera views gel perfectly with my perception. Real Flight, which I would never recommend over AccuRC, had a better camera view for me personally. RF also seemed to portray the speed of the heli better. This is personal perception but I have seen one or two other similar comments over the years.

I would be interested to know if others get this experience of greater speed and momentum in all orientations.
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