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Nice thread, and that comment about the speed of heli's in VR gave me an idea. I've also felt that something was a little off about the speed or momentum, and I've noticed that on the photo realistic scenery the positioning of the model on the ground feels way off.

After your post I just loaded the stadium view and the motion and speed of the heli is way, way better. The only thing I don't like in this view is the camera, like yourself RealFlight is far better in this sense, I feel the AccuRC camera tries too hard to always have the model pinned totally in the centre of the screen, resulting in an unnatural feel and jarring motion of the background.

I think this has helped me finally put a finger on the last thing about AccuRC that felt off, and I think it's probably why people are preferring VR.

Whilst AccuRC captures the helicopter physics perfectly, I don't think the photo sceneries are mapped accurately enough to the simulation, resulting in the speed and momentum of the model feeling off. I also think the camera in AccuRC lacks that natural flow where it lags behind the model.

Both of those together may well be why the VR headset with motion tracking is so much better, you get a rendered background so the model speed is shown much better in relation to its environment, and the camera motion is controlled by yourself, so that improves as well.
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