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I'm curious to see how you have done it. Can you post pictures of your macrocell settings? From all the reading I did on the vstabi forum, the conclusion was that vbar control doesn't currently support more than a 5 pt curve for collective. The problem is that in macrocells, you can only specify "outputs" to be the CH1, CH2, AUX1 etc, so basically the physical pins on the neo hardware. You can't specify "collective" to be an output.
I thought that I 've done it, I was so happy until I realize that it does not output to collective channel. I thought that it would change once I select there collective channel, but it was only input.
You are right, you can't specify that 7 point curve to collective as output. I said it works for the output value written in the macrocell edit screen and it works as per the curve you define, by the way.
So I'm still on for any advice
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