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I had one on pre-order but then cancelled and have decided to wait until the end of the year.

It is difficult to understand what the status is - there is a massive thread (500 pages) on another forum but when you read that it is easy to think that there is nothing but problems.

But when you remove the heated discussions between FrSky fanboys and the FrSky haters you realise that most of the issues are from people trying to do very complex things that most of us wouldn’t care about.

So I find it difficult to judge how stable it is for the casual fair weather Sunday pilots (like me).

What is clear is that there is no sign of the third model (X20HD) or the Tandem receivers, or the bigger sibling (X24) and the silence from FrSky is deafening.

What makes me most uncomfortable is the apparent lack of interest from FrSky, they just seem to be focussed on making products and leaving the product support to a handful of unpaid community advocates.

I really like the Jeti but finding it difficult to justifying a 1000 vs 400 spend, and that it doesn’t stop there because receivers and telemetry seems to be similarly more expensive with Jeti.

How I arrive at the 1000 for Jeti, I considered buying one this Christmas, and it went like this

Looked at the DS-12 - 556
Then saw the DS-12 Special Edition that looked better value - 677

Was okay with that but then realised that you have to pay extra to get some functions. I saw it is cheaper to buy in the upgrade packs. I tried to rationalise what I would actually need, found I couldn’t, so decided I would safer to buy the top pack which adds another 346.

So 1023 in total, so I view the Jeti DS-12 as a 1000 radio and FrSky are offering the same functionality (with a compromise in build quality) for 400.

I haven’t decided one way or another yet, but know that it will be hard to justify the price of the Jeti, unless the FrSky X20 turns out to be poor.



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