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I would not rush out and buy a 75" screen expecting it to be similar to VR.
I stopped watching TV years ago. I bought my son a 50" TV (pretext was for me for simming).
The latency on the TV after using a 27" , 144Hz, 1 ms second response monitor was brutal.

I gave the 50" TV to the ex and bought a 65" with supposedly better latency specs. Latency was still awful after using my PC monitor.

Even forgetting the latency, the big screen did not compare to VR.
I think Fiddle is right in regard to 3D depth perception. 2D versus 3D, this will affect some more than others. Also myxiplx comments regarding the mapping of the scenery and the locking of the camera is probably close to the mark.

I do now watch Netflix .
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